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Are You On The Committee To Landscape Your New Community Center?

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Has your community finally built a center that will be used for many different purposes? For example, will it also serve as the senior citizen center? Maybe the center will be a place where people can take foreign language lessons or art lessons. With the holidays coming up, maybe special events will be held at the community center. No matter the different ways the new center will be used, your community is probably very pleased to have this new addition.

If you have been asked to be on a committee to landscape the new community center, that probably means that you are well known for your landscaping skills. Are you looking for ideas that will make the landscape unique? If so, from arranging for a large outdoor sculpture to having a hardscape as part of the landscape design, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Large Outdoor Sculpture - Can you imagine how impressive it would be to have a large outdoor sculpture as the focal point of your community center's landscaping? Of course, the type of large sculpture you select will depend largely on how much money you can spend, right? 

For example, if you are on somewhat of a tight budget, there might be somebody in your community who is gifted in doing woodwork. If so, maybe he or she would be willing to create a large wooden sculpture for the community center. Something like a modernistic tree statue or a wooden likeness of a child at play might be a good choice.

If you have ample funds in your budget, consider having a professional artist create a large sculpture for your community center. He or she will more than likely be happy to follow a sketch someone on your committee has done. Or, give the professional sculptor the opportunity of coming up with a design himself or herself. Of course, you can still approve it before the sculpture is actually created.

Include A Hardscape As Part Of The Landscape - Having a hardscape as part of the regular landscape just makes sense. For example, it is probable that a hardscape will require less maintenance than a landscape that has only grass. In addition, the hardscape would be kind to the environment, as less watering would be needed.

If you do include a hardscape as part of the community center's landscape design, consider having the large sculpture as the focal point of the hardscape. 

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