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5 Reasons Your PTA Needs A Sandwich Board Sign

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Getting recognition for all the hard work put in by volunteers at your school's parent-teacher group – PTA, PTO, PTC, Booster Club, or something else – can be difficult, if not impossible. Part of the problem lies in the marketing. Parent-teacher groups often fly under the radar for a number of reasons. Believe it or not, a sandwich board sign can change all of that. Here's how.

Everyone should know it's a PTA event, not a school event.

Schools and school districts put on lots of events for students and their families, from Back-to-School night to educational assemblies. They have much larger budgets than the PTA to work with, however. PTA members are just parents, teachers, and other volunteers for the community. When they put on an event, it is another example of how the PTA spends its hard-earned money and why it is important to support them with your time, money, and thanks.

Use your sign to build your brand.

When people talk about building a brand, they are usually talking about big businesses, but there is no reason not to apply the same logic to the PTA. Perhaps your PTA has a poor reputation of excluding people and you are looking to change that and create positive vibes. Or, perhaps, you represent a newly formed PTA that wants to get noticed because not all the parents may even know you exist. Using a sandwich board sign, placed strategically at the entrance to any PTA-sponsored event or activity, discreetly lets people know. Forbes states that keeping your name in front of parents and students helps avoid "out of sight, out of mind" syndrome.

Create a presence in the school.

When your sandwich sign is repeated seen, at morning coffee meetings (who do you thinks pays for the donuts?), the Lost & Found table (who do you think sorts and folds it every week?), and the school carnival (hundreds of volunteer man hours go into that event each year, right?!), people begin to sense your organization's presence and begin to trust, to rely on, and, most importantly, to truly appreciate your PTA and all the hard work that you do for your school community.

Help direct people where to go.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell where to go when you enter a school after hours. Parents and volunteers can get turned around rather quickly. Using your handy dandy sandwich sign can help direct traffic down a hallway or assure people that they are going in the right direction.

Don't assume people understand the PTA, especially in the elementary school setting. In fact, most are going off old notions of an exclusive and not necessarily nice PTA. Times have changed. Show them you have, too. Contact a sign service for more help.