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Neon Sign Care Tips For Business Owners

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Neon signs can be seemingly indispensable advertising tools for many businesses. While you may rely on your neon sign to attract customers, it can be easy to fail to follow the recommended care instructions for these signs. When you fail to adhere to these standards, you may find that your experience with your neon sign is not as productive or reliable as it could be.

Keep The Sign Free Of Dust, Dirt, And Other Substances

Regularly cleaning the neon sign will be among the more important tasks that you can take for protecting and preserving your neon sign. For example, cleaning the sign will ensure that it is as bright as possible. Also, this can have other practical benefits as well due to the fact that removing dust and dirt can help prevent it from getting inside components where it can interfere with the flow of electricity.

Protect The Sign Against Damaging Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can be extremely damaging to neon signs. In addition to causing serious and performance compromising damage to the bulbs, this can also lead to the internal wiring and fuses melting. If you are to avoid this potential risk, you must install a surge suppression system that will intercept and divert these surges before they can damage these components of the neon sign.

Avoid Changing Neon Bulbs Yourself

Eventually, it will be necessary for you to change the bulbs in your neon sign. When this work is necessary, you may be tempted to attempt to complete it yourself. Yet, this can prove to be problematic as these bulbs can be extremely fragile, which can make it easy for you to break them. Also, installing the bulbs incorrectly can lead to them burning out more quickly and experiencing significant flickering. Lastly, if your sign is on the exterior of your building, it may be located at a height that makes it hazardous to change. By using a professional neon sign service company, you can have your bulbs quickly changed while minimizing these hazards.

Understand The Warning Indicators That Your Neon Sign Needs Professional Servicing

Service visits can be an excellent way of protecting and preserving your neon signs as these visits will allow for the signs wiring to be tested, the bulbs changed and the entire system thoroughly cleaned. Ideally, you should have this work performed each year.

Unfortunately, there can be instances where your sign experiences problems between these service visits. If you notice that the sign has recently started flickering, buzzing or showing other unusual behaviors, you should schedule one of these visits as for as soon as possible so these issues can be repaired before they lead to fires or other serious risks. For more information, talk to a company like Apogee Signs.