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How To Commemorate An Employee's Advancement In Your Company

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If you are the owner of a business or do you manage a department at your workplace? If so, you are probably very interested in having good office relations and in honoring people who have done an excellent job. If you are commemorating an employee's advancement in your company, from putting out the word to ordering a custom bronze plaque, here are some ideas that will make the advancement a special event.

Putting Out The Word - Think about whether you want to meet with your employee ahead of time, or whether you want to make it a surprise announcement.

  • If you want to give your employee the word that he is being advanced in the company during a private meeting, think about meeting outside of the work place.
  • Taking him or her to a special restaurant is just one good way to set the scene for your good news.
  • If you want to make the announcement in front of the other employees, think of having a catered lunch right at your place of business. Even sandwiches, assorted sodas and cookies would probably be welcomed. 
  • During your announcement meeting, think of giving some of the reasons for your employee's advancement. For example, if he or she is known for always helping others, announce that he or she will be an office manager.

Give A Commemorative Gift - Make your employee's advancement extra special by giving him or her a special custom bronze plaque that goes along with his or her new title. 

  • Select a bronze plaque that can be adhered to the employee's office door.
  • Another idea is to order a custom bronze plaque that can sit on the employee's desk.
  • Order a plaque that has been especially treated so that it will not lose its shine. 
  • When ordering the plaque, be sure to write down the exact spelling of the recipient's name. If he or she has a nickname, consider adding that name under his or her given name.

Think about writing your employee a letter of appreciation. Include character traits that you admire and include accomplishments that he or she has made that are part of the reason for his or her advancement in your company. Consider including a bonus check in the letter. One idea is to give the check in the same amount of a raise he might receive. Another idea is to include a gift card to a restaurant. Companies like All Star Bronze will help you find the awards you need.