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Ideas For Making Your Parade Banner Stand Out

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When your organization has the opportunity to walk in a community parade, one of the best ways to let onlookers know who you are is by having a large banner made up. You can then have a handful of people at the front of your group carry the banner so that it's visible to those watching the parade from each side. Whether you're a community group looking for exposure or a local business hoping to reach out to prospective customers, the parade should put you in front of hundreds of people. It's therefore highly important to ensure that your banner does its job. Here are some ideas for making this marketing tool stand out.

Choose Your Reason

A parade banner loses its effectiveness when the group carrying it isn't clear on what the banner is being used to accomplish. Thus, it's critical to first decide why you're taking part in the parade, and then consider why you're having a banner made. For example, you might be in the parade with the goal of recruiting new members to your organization. In this case, the banner should clearly convey this message with a slogan such as "Come join us!" and a contact phone number or email.

Don't Overcomplicate Things

Once you've decided on your reason for taking part in the parade and have put together an appropriate slogan or message for your banner, don't overcomplicate things. It can be tempting to add as much information as you can, seemingly to maximize the use of the banner, but this can be overwhelming and can possibly detract from the message you're trying to convey. If there are too many elements on the banner, parade attendees can get caught up looking at things that aren't related to your message — and this can reduce the effectiveness of the banner and also squander your opportunity to reach out to people.

Tie It To The Parade

Although you could technically get one banner made up that you carry in every parade in which you take part, it's ideal to ensure that your banner design relates to the reason for the parade. If you're walking in a Santa Claus parade, a message such as "Season's greetings" or something comparable can be appropriate. For a Memorial Day parade, a message conveying your appreciation to those who have served the nation is applicable. Just be sure that any parade-related slogans you use don't detract from your message.

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