Making Your Signs Work For You: Business Marketing Tips

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Choosing Real Estate And Marketing Signs For Your Listing Or Property

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The best way to attract attention to a home or property that you are selling or renting is to advertise it. Adding a sign to the front yard or out front of the property is a good way to grab people's attention and let them know that the property is available, but where can you find real estate signs for sale? There are many styles available and many different options you can add on. If you are ready to sell or rent a property, you may want to consider a professional-looking sign to get the message out there.

Deciding On A Sign Style  

When you are considering a sign to advertise your property, you have to look at a few options. The durability of the sign, how it is installed, and what the sign should say are all things to consider. If you are placing the sign daily, you need it to be heavy enough to not get blown around in the wind, but if you want to place it and leave it until the property is sold or rented, you most likely want a sign that is installed in the ground either through digging a hole and placing a post or with large push-in stakes or rods on the bottom of the sign. Most commercial real estate signs use the stake method so the sign can be placed then removed after the sale without leaving a hole in the yard.  

Choosing A Size For Your Sign  

The size of the sign you buy may depend on the space you have available to place it in. If you have a small area, getting a smaller sign might be the only option, but there are signs and frames available in many sizes and larger signs may be easier to see by passing cars on the road. Keep in mind that signs that are too large might affect the way the property looks and there may even be ordinances about the size of the sign you can display. Often a sign in the 18- to 24-inch range is acceptable.  

Where To Find Signs and Frames  

Now that you know what you want and how big you need it to be, where can you find these signs? There are many places online that sell the sign frames and will customize the sign to go in it for you. Using your favorite search engine to find them will just take a few minutes. If you prefer to work with a local business, check with a sign shop in your area and see what they can offer you. The price may be a little higher, but if you prefer to support local businesses, it could be worth spending a little more. And working with a local shop allows you to preview the sign before you finalize it.